Sarcoidosis is also called Sarcoid or Besnier-Boeck disease.  Any organ of the body can be affected with the disease and the lungs, skin and lymph nodes are the most popular to be affected.

In order to destroy foreign substances that arrive in to our body, the immune system generate special cells to destroy those harmful substances.  An inflammation occurs during this period.  Once the alien particles are successfully destroyed, these inflammations and the immune system generated cells gradually disappear.  In a person with Sarcoidosis, these inflammations do not disappear. And the immune system generated cells form lumps around certain body organs.  These lumps are called Granulomas.  When too many granulomas are generated around an organ, it affects the functioning of that particular organ.

Sarcoidosis being a multisystem disorder, the symptoms can vary depending on the organs that have been affected.  Some common signs can be shortness of breath, dry cough, sighting problems, weight loss and weakness.   Some patients do not show symptoms or may show mild symptoms.


Ayurvedic treatments for Sarcoidosis

Sapatha cures Sarcoidosis patients who are suffering at the inflammatory stage of the diseaseIf patient comes for our advice at this stage we can cure sarcoidosis completely within a month with our special ayurvedic treatments and medicines.

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